Funding Update – July 2018

Santander Foundation

The Santander Foundation awards grants of up to £5,000 to help disadvantaged people make the most of their future.

Discovery Grants support projects that improve people’s knowledge, skills or which provide innovative solutions to overcome social challenges. We can only support projects which fulfil these goals and our three priority areas – Explorer, Transformer and Changemaker.

Grants can be used to support one or more of our three priorities.

EXPLORER Improving people’s knowledge
Such as Money Management workshops helping disadvantaged people learn how to budget.
TRANSFORMER Improving skills and experience
For example, training to help socially isolated people develop skills to get back into work or volunteering opportunities for disadvantaged young people.
CHANGEMAKER Innovative solutions to social challenges
What about a new social networking program for visually impaired young people to access the internet?
They fund projects that are wholly charitable. They must specifically help disadvantaged people in the UK by improving knowledge, skills or providing innovative solutions. We aim to help as many organisations as possible so we don’t offer grants for longer than one year.

To apply fill out the application form found in any local Santander branch and post it in the Discovery Grants post box at any branch.

Find out more about the Santander Foundation Grants

Tesco’s Bags of Help

Tesco’s Bags of Help is an exciting grant programme funded through the money raised from the 5p bag charge in Tesco stores in England, Wales and Scotland. The programme will support local good causes and grants, and up to £4,000 will be available to support projects which will ‘support local projects, that benefit the community’. The types of project we fund is very broad.

As this is a rolling programme, voting for projects will be happening continuously in Tesco stores. Three projects from each local area will be shortlisted to go to the public vote every two months. If your project gets the most votes across all stores in your region, you will win the grant amount you requested from us up to a maximum of £4,000. If your project is second, you will win up to £2,000 and if your project is third, you will win up to £1,000.

If you have any more questions or concerns, you can contact Jennifer Rose at or 07702 532755.


Cash4Clubs is a sports funding scheme, giving clubs a unique chance to apply for grants to improve facilities, buy new equipment, gain qualifications and invest in the sustainability of their organisation.

The Cash 4 Clubs scheme has given out sports grants to many deserving recipients and is committed to funding even more sports clubs in the future. With awards of £500, £750, £1000 and £10,000 available, Cash 4 Clubs gives away real money that can help your club.

Find out more about Cash4Clubs

Mobbs Memorial Trust

Mobbs Memorial Trust grants are available for charitable causes in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire that are within a 35-mile radius of St Giles Church, Stoke Poges.

The following are not eligible for funding:

  • Individuals.
  • Private companies.
  • National charitable organisations unless a specific need arises with the local area.
  • Groups or projects that should be funded by national or local government.
  • Running costs, apart from exceptional cases within a four-mile radius of Stoke Poges.

What For?

The Trust would prefer to support the following type of applications:

  • One-off capital projects.
  • Projects for the benefit of the public at large.
  • As a guide, the following are examples of some recent successful applications:
  • Community halls to enhance facilities.
  • Hostels, housing associations or care centres for the young, elderly, disadvantaged or disabled requiring equipment.
  • Sports clubs for additional equipment.
  • Primary schools for computers and the enhancement of art and drama facilities.

How Much?

This is a small trust with approximately £85,500 (depending on the investment performance) to award in grants each year. The Trust tends to give between 20 and 25 grants each year. Although the funding is at the discretion of the Trustees, grants tend to be in the range of £500 to £10,000.

There are no deadlines. Applications are considered at quarterly meetings which normally fall in March, June, September and December.
More Information 

Sport England

Sport England uses National Lottery funding to make awards of between £300 and £10,000 to not-for-profit organisations to help more people play sportSport England uses National Lottery funding to make awards of between £300 and £10,000 to not-for-profit organisations to help more people play sport


Small Grants can fund formally constituted not-for-profit organisations and statutory bodies. This might include sports clubs, voluntary organisations, local authorities, schools or governing bodies of sport. They will not fund an individual, sole trader or partnership, organisations established to make profit or organisations not established in the UK. You will need to have a written constitution or governing document which should contain a clear not-for-profit statement and charitable dissolution clause.

Your membership should be open to all sections of the community and your governing committee should include at least three people who are not related and who do not live together.Your application and supporting documents should show them that your organisation is appropriately governed.

More information can be found in their Good Governance Guide.If your organisation is part of a larger organisation, you should confirm that you are sufficiently independent of them. If you do not have your own committee, bank account and constitution you will need the support of your parent organisation, which must accept overall responsibility for the award.

What For?

  • Their mission is to get more people playing more sport more often and all applications should tell us how they will help deliver their strategic outcomes:
  • More people playing sport once a week
  • An increase in the number of 14-25s playing sport once a week
  • A reduction in drop off at ages 16, 18, 21 & 24
  • Growth in the number of disabled people playing sport

For further information please click here.

The Power To Change Community Business Bright Ideas Fund aims to give community groups in England the support to start setting up their community business.

To be eligible to apply for the Bright Ideas Fund, you must:#

  • Be setting up a community business.
  • Be based in England
  • Be an incorporated or unincorporated organisation, but not an individual
  • Have been established for five years or less
  • Have a charitable purpose
  • Ensure your idea is for community benefit
  • Share Power to Change’s impact goals
    Please use the eligibility checker at:

What For?
The programme is run by Locality and offers:

  • Specialist support with creating a development plan for your community business
  • Mentoring and visits to inspire you and enable you to learn from peers
  • Regional networking and events to learn from experts in the field

Groups accepted onto the programme will receive one to one business development support and be invited to apply for a small grant to fund development and start-up costs, such as feasibility studies, legal and other fees connected with developing governance, taking ownership of a building or other asset, community engagement, business planning and more.

How much?
Up to £15,000

More Information

The Bright Ideas Fund closes on Tuesday 31 July 2018



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