Welcome to CCB

CCB – helping Berkshire communities thrive

The Community Council for Berkshire (CCB) are an independent charity with over 43 years’ experience in community development work.

Our vision is for all communities in Berkshire to be strong, sustainable and able to take control of their own futures.

Our mission is to inspire communities in Berkshire to thrive. We do this by providing information, advice, support and training to individuals, groups and other organisations. We work as enablers, raising money locally and nationally to deliver projects that have positive, long-lasting effects.

To read about our work please visit ‘Our Projects’.  To support our work please click here to become a member.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to CCB

  1. Diana Borcherds

    I have many years experience with lonely people. Was a Social Hostess on P & O liners in the days when people didn’t fly but spent weeks and weeks aboard ships to travel for pleasure, business or
    family commitments. I had to ensure everybody with a social need was taken notice of and made to feel ‘at home’ apart from my work arranging entertainment, social gatherings, and occupation. After marrying lived in South Africa where I was an independent Estate Agent and had to deal business and socially with buyers and sellers. Feel I could be of use around the Hungerford area (have no
    transport of my own) visiting and meeting with people needing social attention…. whether or not they
    speak English as I had plenty of experience in that field too (I only speak English with maybe, if
    necessary, a sprinkling of French, Italian and Afrikaans.) Unfortunately I am old ! … 83 but plenty to
    talk about with all ages.

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